The Block 2023
Case studies

The 19th season of The Block showcased what is possible when using High Performance Glazing.
See each Case Study below:

Australian Glass Group
Insulglass LowE Plus®


Insulglass LowE Plus® is an ideal LowE for colder climates with maximum visible light, passive heat gain and excellent insulation.

Looking just like regular clear glass with the same amount of natural light entering inside, and yet superior Insulation.

How It Works


Insulglass® Insulated Glass Units (IGU) consist of 2 or more pieces of glass manufactured as one unit with a trapped air gap separated by spacer bar and sealed with primary and secondary seals for guaranteed performance. We also add argon gas into the air gap, increasing the Insulation even further and with a full range of LowE Coated glass options to suit your environment.

Insulglass LowE Plus® was the ideal High Performance Softcoat LowE Double Glazing for this season of The Block, matching perfectly to the Hampton East Climate.

aluplast uPVC
Window Systems

aluplast uPVC Window Systems using the German IDEAL 4000® range, partnered with Insulglass LowE Plus® translating to a high Total System performance with full natural light and superior Insulation.

Big units = more natural light coming inside and better views out."

Find Fabricators

We have partnered with 5 different Melbourne based fabricators, each offering the aluplast uPVC Window System and each dedicated to enhancing aesthetics, energy efficiency, comfort, health and wellbeing.To enquire about using aluplast uPVC Window Systems in your upcoming project, please visit a Fabricator site below.

aluplast have a nationwide fabricator network throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Bring Insulglass®
Into Your Projects

Australian Glass Group (AGG) is proud to be the official high performance glazing supplier to The Block 2023. To find your local expert for more information, please contact us below.